b. 1992, Sarasota, FL
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

Solo and Two-Person Exhibitions
  • 2024

    • 839 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (forthcoming)

    • with Kelly Agius, Mouse Gallery, Detroit, MI (forthcoming)

  • 2023

    • The Speed of Darkness, with Alison Kudlow, Parent Company Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

  • 2020

    • Go Where I Am Going, with Kyle Breitenbach, Left Field Gallery, Los Ojos, CA

  • 2018

    • 100 Corners, Arts Center Sarasota, Sarasota, FL

    • Scaredy Cat, with Jeremy Uglow, 4ws, Los Angeles, CA 

  • 2013

    • STABBED into HELL: One Night Exhibition, with Albert Navetta, Secret Floor, Brooklyn, NY

Group Exhibitions
  • 2024

    • 839 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (forthcoming)

    • before I put my eye out, Art Cake, Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY

    • 37x12x12, Picture Theory Gallery, New York, NY; curated by A Suitcase Project

    • Shibboleth, Underdonk, Brooklyn, NY; curated by Lauren Anaïs Hussey

  • 2023

    • Group Text, Left Field Gallery, Los Osos, CA; curated by Beta Epochs

  • 2022

    • Loveland, 31 Beaver St, Brooklyn, NY; curated by Glenn Goldberg and Guy Corriero 

    • Do You Hear Me?, Stockton University, Galloway, NJ; curated by Jacob Feige 

    • Cotyledon, S Santa Fe Avenue, Los Angeles, CA; curated by HP Denham

    • Springtime, Quarters Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

    • Inside Draftswomen Edition 3, Feinkunst Krüger, Hamburg, Germany; curated by Christine Brey

  • 2020

    • Y2K-NOW, Y2K Group, online

    • Mother Altar, site-specific installation, Mother Gallery, Beacon, NY

    • FLAT FILE, Camayuhs, Atlanta, GA 

  • 2019

    • OUBILETTE, Underground Flower X Pee Pee Gallery, Fremantle, Australia; curated by Underground Flower

    • WE GO FAST, Left Field Gallery, Los Osos, CA; curated by Ryan Travis Christian

    • Fine Arts Alumni Exhibition, Crossley Gallery, Sarasota, FL

  • 2018

    • Circle Back, The International Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

    • While Supplies Last!, Amandine Bakeshop, Seattle, WA; curated by Anthony White

  • 2017

    • Supreme Friction, Geoffrey Young Gallery, Great Barrington, MA

  • 2016

    • The Leslie Lerner Legacy: Transference — Our lives in France, Florida, New York, Japan, Allyn Gallup Contemporary Art, Sarasota, FL

    • Three Rooms, galleryELL, New York, NY (online); curated by Fiona Buchanan 

    • An Awful Lot Has Changed: An Alumni Group Exhibition, New York Studio Residency Program, Brooklyn, NY; curated by Kyle Petreycik 

  • 2014

    • Ringling College of Art & Design, BFA Painting

Awards and Residencies 
  • 2023

    • Orein Arts Residency

  • 2013

    • AICAD New York Studio Residency Program 

    • Ellen Battell Stoeckel Fellowship

  • 2018

    • Mind the Gap, Crossley Gallery, Ringling College of Art & Design, Sarasota, FL

  • 2022

    • Issue 1, Silver Operation

Covers & collaborations

Work's Tiring by Adrienne Chung, published by Kristina Stallvik, 2023

Issue 1, collection published by Silver Operation, 2022

The Empath's Foot by Will Niedmann, on bigcartel, 2021

Dollop by Christina Svenson, published by nueoi, 2020